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A PROPERTY RENTAL SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST We want you to feel completely satisfied with the property rental service that we provide, right from the moment you first get in touch. We respond quickly, and we’re entirely honest in everything we do. Our pricing is clear-cut and transparent, and there are no hidden extras. Sounds good? Then get in touch.

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Questions & answers

How do I secure the property I want?

You can browse our portfolio of rental properties online, before arranging viewings with a member of our experienced and knowledgeable team. Once you have found the property you wish to let, we will be delighted to proceed with your application.

Why do I need a guarantor?
p>Some landlords might ask for a guarantor if they are not satisfied your earnings are quite enough to cover the rent or if you have previous credit issues. This is not uncommon and you should not be concerned. You must choose someone to be your guarantor who lives in England or Wales and can cover your rental commitment in the event of a default. The same reference checks are then carried out for your guarantor as were done for you.

What is the tenancy agreement?

This is a legal document that states the precise terms and conditions of the tenancy and is designed to protect both you and the landlord. Leaders can draw up bespoke tenancy agreements to include specific circumstances outlined by either party.

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